How to Place your Business on Google Search and Maps

mapDo you have a business that you would like to have listed on the first pages of search engines? Do you want to promote your dog training business, bakery, brewing, designing, landscaping, Prom Events, upcoming concerts or any other business?  If your location drives your business, it is very convenient to set up a business google map. For local businesses with storefronts or service areas, the biggest challenge is getting found by your clients and especially new customers. You can use word of mouth to give your business location to your clients. However, the most convenient way is getting your business listed on Google maps commonly known as Google My Business. Continue reading “How to Place your Business on Google Search and Maps”


How to Advertise your Business Using Google AdWords

adwordsDo you have a new business or existing business and want to start advertising online? Are you an events promoter, roofing contractor , artists, or any other professional? It’s high time you get introduced to Google AdWords. It is a crucial aspect to get discovered online, but Google has Google search where anyone can easily search the name of business. Google AdWords is a successful method of driving high traffic to your business, marketing your products and getting increased sales. Continue reading “How to Advertise your Business Using Google AdWords”

Why you Should Become a Google Partner Today

partnerGoogle Partner is a Google’s platform used by advertising agencies, companies, digital marketing professionals and other online consultants who manage Google AdWords accounts. Everyone can become a Google Partner, but it is mostly designed to help companies and web professionals who help advertisers with AdWords and other Google advertising solutions. Continue reading “Why you Should Become a Google Partner Today”

7 Google Analytics Tools your Business must be using

analyzeAre you wondering how many people visit your site? Does your web page have a high bounce rate? How many new visitors do you have on your site and how many are visiting? Well, all these questions can be well answered with an installation of Google Analytics. Continue reading “7 Google Analytics Tools your Business must be using”

How to Hold Online Meetings and Teleconferencing Using Google Hangouts

hangoutsWhat is Google Hangouts? How can I install it on my computer?  Well if you have such questions, read through this article to fully understand what and how to use Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is a unified communications social network that allows members to start and participate in text, voice or video calls either in groups or between two individuals. Google Hangouts is a useful and profitable platform for meetings and teleconferencing especially for business owners and their customers. Continue reading “How to Hold Online Meetings and Teleconferencing Using Google Hangouts”

5 Reasons Why All Professionals Should use LinkedIn

linkedWould you be interested in building your professional identity online and stay in touch with colleagues and classmates? Would you like to discover professional opportunities, business deals or new ventures? Does it sound enticing to get the latest news, inspiration and insights you need to be great at what you do? If you either answered yes to one or all these questions, then here is the solution for you – LinkedIn! Continue reading “5 Reasons Why All Professionals Should use LinkedIn”

How to Manage Business Schedule Using Google Calendar

g-calendarIt is worrying how many businesses are not able to meet their goals due to ineffective follow-up of their schedule. Business management involves the process of planning, organizing and controlling the activities of businesses towards set objectives and goals.  These activities aim at maintaining a more efficient and effective workflow of the business. A business schedule can be referred as an outlined plan for the activities to be carried out in any profit gaining activity. Giving the layout of events and time that are to take place is essential for any business activity. It dictates what, how and when to be done. Continue reading “How to Manage Business Schedule Using Google Calendar”

How to Monitor your Website Performance using Google Analytics


analyticsDo you want to get stronger results across all your sites, apps, and offline channels? To be successful in whichever business, you need to understand your customers by bringing all your data together. Having a centralized data helps everyone in your organization to explore, gain intelligence and set strategies to help increase business performance. Google has tools and other sets of integrated data and marketing analytics products designed for marketers. To set yourself up for success, you have to measure your business value on the web, and a better way to determine this value is through Google Analytics. Continue reading “How to Monitor your Website Performance using Google Analytics”

Tips to Growing your Business with Google Plus

plusTo begin with, what is Google Plus? Google Plus is not only a social media platform that allows people to share photos, play games, listen to music together, but also a useful tool for business owners. Google Plus allows business owners to establish their businesses in a social media that is crowded by ever-growing and active social networking users. Google Plus is one of the best ways to connect and engage with customers and potential customers. It helps customers promote products and services and also hold business meetings. Continue reading “Tips to Growing your Business with Google Plus”

How to Use Google Cloud Storage

cloudThe amount of data being generated around the world is enormous and continues to grow at an exponential rate. Given this growing volume of data, there is the need to store it in the right way. Data is termed to be convenient if it can be easily accessed whenever needed and can be easily moved between different platforms. Google has introduced a simple, low cost and fast response storage service that commands quick data backup, retrieval, and access.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage  is a service that lets you store and access your data on Google’s infrastructure. The link above has the necessary steps on how to start using the cloud service. The cloud service combines the performance and scalability of Google’s cloud with advanced security and sharing capabilities. Nearline is a low-cost, highly durable and highly available storage service for infrequently accessed data, data archiving, online backup and disaster recovery.

There are three storage classes provide the same throughput, low latency, and high durability. The only difference among these categories is their availability, minimum storage duration, and pricing for storage and access. These classes are;

1.    Standard Storage – The standard storage offers high availability and low latency for storing data. The bucket is suitable for storing data that requires low latency access or data that is frequently accessed such as gaming and mobile applications, interactive workloads and serving website content. The pricing for this storage is $0.026 GB per month.

2.    Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) – DRA offers lower availability than Standard Storage and lower cost per DB stored. The service is suitable for applications that are particularly cost sensitive such as batch jobs and some types of data backup. The pricing for this storage is $0.02 per GB/month.

3.    Nearline Storage – The Nearline storage service is for lower availability than standard storage. It offers the lowest cost per GB stored ($0.01 per GB/month) and a 30-day minimum storage duration. The storage is best suited for data that you do not expect to access frequently.

one-driveAccessing the Google Cloud Platform console requires no setup or installation, and you can easily access it in a browser through Google Cloud Console . Cloud Storage offers fast and anytime access to your data. You can store unlimited data and get access rapidly through the platform. The affordable pricing helps you easily backup and store a virtually unlimited amount with a capacity pricing of as little as 1 cent per GB/month. The Cold Data Storage is a fantastic bucket for data stored for legal or regulatory reasons.

Google Cloud Storage allows worldwide storage and retrieval of any amount of data at any time. The storage can be used for a range of scenarios such as storing data for archival and disaster recovery, serving website content and distributing large data objects. The storage gives you terrific performance at a low cost with data being available instantly and not within hours or day. The capacity pricing is at 1 cent per GB/month for data at rest. The data stored in the cloud is protected through redundant storage at multiple locations, making it a suitable and affordable solution for backup, archiving and disaster recovery.